Healing Our Core Issues Level 1 Training Workshop is designed to introduce counselors, therapists  who work with co-dependence issues to understand the origins of these developmental “states” of immaturity. The premise is that childhood trauma, including child abuse and neglect, is the origin of these undeveloped and immature states. This is the ground breaking work of Pia Mellody. 
These are in the areas of: 
  • Understanding the impact of early childhood attachments
  • Valuing and esteeming the self
  • How to protect and connect the self
  • Creating and knowing the self
  • Awareness of needs vs. wants, how to relationally ask and care for
    the self
  • Moderating and containing the self and finding balance in all things
  • Creating abundance and hope in life
This four-day intensive training course will encompass lecture and practicum. The course covers the etiology, symptomatology and treatment of co-dependence by understanding the Overview of Developmental Immaturity (Pia Mellody, 1987) and how trauma affects our neurobiology for the education and recovery of clients. Participants will learn the Post Induction Model overview and how to use the Debrief Technique with their clients.  This Debrief helps clients get their "story straight" and sets up deeper capacity for follow on trauma work.  The practicum part consists of working with your own Family of Origin History to understand the model better. 

The next Healing Our Core Issues Workshop Level 1 is October 12th through October 15th, 2017. Please call 781-777-1172 with questions or to sign up.

Healing Our Core Issues Level 2 Training Workshop is a five-day intensive training that encompasses lecture, video, large and small group discussion and practicum. This course continues to deepen the understanding of all the material covered in the first training, it teaches the concepts of Inner Child and Feeling Reduction work in great detail. Participants learn and practice the techniques needed to use both of these processes. In addition, it teaches how to manage trauma through the body. In this practicum each participant will, continue to work with their family of origin and trauma history. A trained facilitator will be overseeing each small group as each group member has an opportunity to participate as both a client and therapist.

The next Healing Our Core Issues Workshop Level 2 is April 26th through 30th, 2017. Please call 781-777-1172 with questions or to sign up.


For therapists seeking to integrate this new approach to their practice I offer monthly consultation groups.  For those who want to complete the certificate program a minimum of 24 hours of consultation is required. This allows the participants an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the model and apply it to current cases. This is a small group of 4 participants who meet on a telephone bridge line or Zoom, a videoconferencing program, for 2 hours a month. A minimum of 6 hours IS RECOMMENDED to continue on to level 2 training. When all 24 hours are completed, participants will receive their certificate once all documentation has been submitted and approved. Ongoing consultation is recommended. 

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Healing Our Core Issues Institute
"I came back on a high note feeling more compassion and understanding for both others and myself. It has opened up a more open, honest and deep dialog between my wife and me. I am feeling less stressed about trying to control things in the future, also less judgment about my past.
I am present and when I start
worrying about the future,
I simply focus on the fact that today I am fine. I will see where this all leads but so far I am delighted with the results."

Sam, Concord, NH

“The workshop was great for me
because it has helped me
get closer to my core issues and also helped me to further see that, while I am still responsible for all of my actions, the cultivation of my personality and my habits was largely the result of my parents and the crazy world they lived in. It has helped me to see the importance of creating an environment for
my children of love, compassion, tolerance, good health and

Jack, Portsmouth, NH
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